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A story of successful innovation

ProXentia is an innovative Italian company founded in 2011. Born by the initiative of a group of researchers from the Molecular Biophysics Laboratory and Complex Fluids of the University of Milan, ProXentia received support from companies with high technological content as ODL Srl, world leader in the treatment of glass surfaces. ProXentia has been awarded in various business plan competition and with important international grants, such as the prestigious SME Instrument of the HORIZON 2020 program.

Team ProXentia


Technology meets simplicity

ProXentia aims at revolutionizing the controls in the food chain, bringing in the Food & Beverage sector the same rigor required in the medical field. This is made possible by a technologically innovative but easy-to-use device. The market for food safety tests is indeed booming, due to a growing awareness of consumers, a greater attention of companies and a raising of stringent regulatory standards. ProXentia, compared to existing products, allows for faster and qualitatively accurate analysis.


Headquarters and research laboratories
Viale Ortles 22/4
20139 – Milano – Italy

Production plant
Via G. Terzi di Sant’Agata, 17
24030 – Brembate di Sopra – Bergamo  – Italy